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Estwing's steel pans have three riffles around the circumference of the pan and have a predrilled lanyard hole for attaching your own cord or flagging tape. 

For you hardcore prospectors out there, this pan is also very handy for panning in colder climates or seasons.  You will be the envy of the camp when others are wading the icy creek or pond to test their diggings but look over to see you comfortably and quite proudly panning beside & right over the warm, crackling campfire!  We know this from experience!!  Depending on your situation and if you don't already have a favorite type of pan, this steel pan might just be the one for you.  

The steel requires seasoning and will rust.  Some pans you purchase may have some minor surface rust on it.  This is normal and will help to catch your gold too!   

Four sizes are available: 10", 12", 14" and 16". 

HOW TO SEASON YOUR PAN:  Your pan will come with some residual oils from manufacturing and/or was applied to keep your pan looking shiny new for consumers.  This oil is bad news for gold panning if you want to keep all the gold you can.  If the residue is not removed (and even if you have oils or moisturizer on your hands) some of your gold will wash away with the oils in your pan.  You can help fix this before it happens.  When you get your pan home you can wash and scrub your pan with some dishsoap if you like.  Some people also like to finish it off by drying it in the oven.  If you are going straight out to the bush with your new pan (or more highly recommended), before your first use be sure to scour and scrub the inside of that pan with fine gravels and sand before you use it the first time.  A drop of ecofriendly dish detergent might be helpful too but jet dry or clay-be-gone is better, but neither of these three items are required.  Please do not use soap or other chemical products in the creek.  Just wash at the back of your truck if you feel the need.  Myself, Ive only ever seasoned my pan with a good scrub of dirt and off to work I went.   Best of luck on your panning and mining adventures! -AJ

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