Predator III



The Predator III clean up sluice is the largest of the Predator series with great gold capturing features.  The drop riffles and dual ramp riffles capture much of the gold near the top and, as a back up, there is a gold trap at the end of the 34"x5" Pedator III.  The fittings too attach  recirculated pumped water or a garden hose are included (hoses and pumps not included).  Four adjustable threaded legs are mounted on the base allowing you to fine tune your angle for optimal gold recovery. An unscreened, tapered feeder/diffuser box accommodates your hand fed or vibrating feeder concentrates allowing the water and riffles to do the rest of the work for you!  You can even process your raw screened material with this!  

If you're passing through Quesnel, bring your raw screened material or concentrates with you and come try out our Predator III set up for free and take home your gold!  Contact us to arrange an appointment. 


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