Quesnel River Placer Claim Group



Please call 778.414.9199 or email info@tenorex.ca if you are interested in this item.

TITLES: 1011469 and 1038432

SIZE: 38.96 ha

GENERAL LOCATION and ACCESS:  Located approximately 25km ESE of downtown Quesnel BC, on Quesnel River and Deacon Creek.   For more information please contact us HERE.  

The older claim is good to September 30, 2019 and the newer claim is good to December 31, 2025. As the claims share a boundary, work conducted on one claim is can be applied as assessment credits towards both titles.  These claims are being sold together as a package.  

Note: This property is offered for mining purposes only.  Ownership of the placer title does not include ownership of the surface rights, timber rights nor the rights to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.  Please check with us or your local mining office if you've any questions about your placer rights.

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