Swift River Placer Claim For Sale



Please call 778.414.9199 or email info@tenorex.ca if you are interested in this item.

TITLE: 1030548 (click to view directly on Mineral Titles Online) NOTE: The MTO maps are best viewed on most devices other than a smartphone

PRICE: $2,000.   

SIZE: 39.03ha (96.44 acres)

GENERAL LOCATION and ACCESS:   Located approximately 30km southeast of Cottonwood BC, this claim is accessible by 4WD via the 1300FSR and other branches which lead directly onto the claim.  Its a short hike to the lower bench by the river and many areas on this claim appear worthy of further testing including numerous areas where the river clearly once flowed.  For more information please contact us HERE.  Directions and geophysical maps are available.

The property is currently good to December 31, 2020.

This claim would be good for a hobby prospector or seasoned miner.

Note: This property is offered for mining purposes only.  Ownership of the placer title does not include ownership of the surface rights, timber rights nor the rights to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.  Please check with us or your local mining office if you've any questions about your placer rights.

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