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  1. E6-48E Engineer's Hammer


    Estwing E6-48E Engineer's Hammer or sledge with nylon vinyl shock reduction grip. 48oz (4lb) with 16" handle 
  2. Estwing Chisels

    from $23.00

    We stock a variety of Estwing chisels which will come in handy during your rockhounding, placer or mineral exploration ventures.  Each has a vinyl handle for keeping a firm grip and a wide end to hammer on. Model Number Overall...
  3. E3-13P Rock Hammer


    One of our lighter weight Estwing hammers, 1.2lb, with a pointed tip.  Available with laminated leather handle or  blue vinyl grip.  
  4. Leather sheath for hammer


    A handy leather sheath to holster your hammer with.  The sheath snaps closed over the hammer and hangs securely from your belt.
  5. E3-14P Rock Hammer


    One of our lighter weight of the Estwing hammers: 1.4lb, with a pointed tip.  This one is abit longer than the 13P and 0.2lb heavier. Available with laminated leather handle or blue vinyl grip.
  6. Geological/Paleo Pick


  7. E3-23LP Rock Hammer


  8. E3-20BLC Rock Hammer


    This hammer is Estwing's 20oz 'bricklayer' chisel tip hammer which is popular among rockhounds.   The chisel end is handy for working along joints and crevices as well as for minor digging of narrow areas. The handle has a comfortable, bonded...
  9. E3-WC Chipping Hammer


    13oz chipping hammer for cleaning up along your welds and found to be great for breaking the start and end of core sample intervals 
  10. Estwing Gold Pans: riffled steel

    from $10.00

    Estwing's steel pans have three riffles around the circumference of the pan and have a predrilled lanyard hole for attaching your own cord or flagging tape.  For you hardcore prospectors out there, this pan is also very handy for panning in colder climates or seasons.  You will...