Angus MacKirk Mining & Manufacturing

Angus MacKirk Mining & Manufacturing

We have been an authorized Angus MacKirk dealer for over six years and we are very happy to announce that Angus MacKirk products are now locally manufactured right here in British Columbia, Canada!!  

This collection is constantly being updated with new great Angus MacKirk products and portions of the page are  currently under construction.  If you don't see the item your looking for on our page, please contact us directly for a quote.  

*remember to follow you local rules and regulations regarding sluicing activities (no sluicing within the creek, riparian etc) and please make sure, especially in BC, that you are on your claim or have permission of the claim owner.  Each Province and State have varying legislation for placer rights: please visit your local mining office for more information.  If you need assistance locating guidance documents for your area, please do not hesitate to contact us : we are happy to help you.  Happy Prospecting!

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