3D Printed Sluice KeyFob



Here is our custom made 3d printed sluice key chain!  These are very popular gifts.   These sturdy little sluices are about 3" long and, if you are so inspired, you will find they actually work!   Our main website URL is embedded into the back of the sluice as part of the print.   Order yours today!  

ALSO NEW--> This one CHANGES COLOUR with temperature!!! Its really very fun!!  The petina green/teal colour changes to a lighter petina and finally to a pale ecru (off white) as temperature increases.   SORRY, this one is temporarily out of stock.  We do have other great colours to choose from though.

Want to see the 3d printer in action?!  See our sluice being printed here!!

note: the colour changing features of the Petina model will permanently turn to ecru over time or when left out in direct sunlight for a number of weeks.

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