Whiskey Stones: granite

Tenorex GeoServices: Mining Office & Rock Shop

SKU: 3690077380

Keep your drinks ice cold with this 9 piece set of granite ice stones or 'Whiskey Stones'.  Place in the freezer for a couple hours and place 2 or more stones in each drink for long lasting chilled beverages without diluting them with ice.  Wash and reuse as often as you like.  Great for intimate dinners or hot summer days in the RV or backyard. 

Each stone is approximately (+/-) 2 x 2 x 2cm in size.

Caution: not intended for use in childrens drinks as may pose choking hazard. This is not a toy.


Note: this item is sourced from an out of province supplier and may take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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