Box of Fossil Specimens

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A mix of five marine fossil specimens.  Great as a gift for anyone or for use in the classroom.  Includes a piece of crinoid stem, cut and polished ammonite, raw uncut ammonite, a sandtiger shark tooth and a bivalve/clam shell.

Presented in a 2"x3" clear acrylic display box.

CRINOIDS are echinoderms which were found all over the world in both shallow and very deep waters, and they were at their height of existence 250-500 million years ago during the Paleozoic Era.  

The fossilized SANDTIGER SHARK TOOTH are long since extinct but were common in the Tertiary Period, about 34 million years ago. 

The CLAM FOSSIL is from the Cretaceous Period, about 70 million years ago.

AMMONITES flourished in generally shallow marine waters throughout the Jurassic to Cretaceous Era, about 66 to 201 million years ago, and became extinct around the same time the dinosaurs did.


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