Excavation Kit: Gemstone Treasure



Sparkling GEMSTONES are sure to wow your young geologist when they excavate their shiney treasures.  The kit includes an earthen brick with tumbled and polished gemstone treasures inside, a wooden mallet, a wooden pick, a brush, a cloth bag for keeping the stones in, a 10 page booklet to help your young geologist name their find and lists each stone's possible healing properties, AND a cage pendant necklace to wear a favorite gemstone!  5 of a possible 30 gemstones will be unearthed in this fantastic kit: moonstone, sodalite, carnelian, tiger's eye,  rhodonite, agate, garnet, opal, jade, tourmaline, unakite, amazonite, dumortierite, serpentinite, hematite, howlite, jasper (2 types), aventurine (2 types), obsidian (2 types), fluorite (3 types) and quartz (5 types).

Intended for children over 6.  Adult supervision recommended. 

Note: Do not excavate this product in a windy area as the excavated material is quite fine.  A cardboard cover is good to use if excavating this product on a table or deck.  If excavation is not completed, do not leave outside in rain if excavation is planned to continue another time.  

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