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Want to see claims and leases in your favorite area on Google Earth?  CLICK HERE TO AUTOMATICALLY and SAFELY DOWNLOAD.  No need to add to your cart for the item.  Data is updated each evening at midnight.  NOTE: to view, you must have Google Earth installed and we recommend to turn off 'auto-tilt'.  

Best viewed on a desktop computer or laptop.   Note to open or close the title types in your layers on the left of your screen.  One item we dont see any solution for yet is that when zooming in close, the titles turn a solid grey rather than a transparent hatch - to fix, just zoom back out.

When viewing, note that certain other first rights or encumbrances may not be displayed.  Items to consider are parks, reserves, crown granted lots, right of ways, private lands and much more.  For more information on BC's Mineral Titles Online, your rights in a certain area, or for real time viewing of certain claims or leases please visit the BC Mineral Titles Branch Website.


This download has no warranty, is sourced from the BC Government Data Catalogue and contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence of British Columbia.


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