Klondike Highbanker


$650.00 $800.00

    The removable sluice of the Klondike makes it easy to lift out for your clean up or quick spray directly into your concentrate pail.

    Specs are as follows:

    • 3/4′′ water supply hook up
    • 3/4′′ spray bar
    • 3/4′′ control valve
    • 24′′ adjustable stainless steel legs
    • 36"x17.5′′ hopper with 23"x12′′ landing area
    • 5/16" punch-plate screen
    • Breaks down to approximately 36"x20"x15" size

     NOTE: two missized thumb screws for the legs need to be replaced with an appropriate sized screw (x2) which we cant find locally, or retap the hole through frame to hold the legs in place with two new screws.  For your trouble, the price is reduced.    

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