This specimen includes multiple orthoceras fossils set in a stable matrix which is shaped as a tower, with a flat base. 

The name orthoceras refers to the long, straight conical shell. Orthoceras fossils are common, with global distribution in any marine rock, especially limestone. They are widespread in North America and also found in Morocco. These are the most common of the cephalopods which lived between 200 to 450 million years ago.  Orthoceras were able to propel themselves backward by releasing water from a tube that ran along its body, called a siphuncle, this tube also helped to create buoyancy when empty.  All living relatives of these creatures are predators, so it might be assumed that the orthoceras once dined on trilobytes!

No two pieces are alike.  Each one will slightly vary in size, shape and colour.  Approximate size is 9-10" tall x 3-4" around. A great centerpiece for any collector!
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