Sidekick II



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Introducing the new Sidekick II !   Back by popular demand of Tenorex customers, the Sidekick has been resurrected into a bigger, better model with well over twice the processing area of the original model! This beauty will process an abundance of cons or raw screened material before needing to clean up.   Clean up is a snap too: Just hold over your bucket or pan, give a quick rinse and carry on with more processing.   Its that easy!

Another great feature of the Sidekick II is that it can be hooked up in a closed set up with recycled water from your pump (sold separately) or you can attach your garden hose!  Use it on the claim or set it up at home on the porch, back of truck or garden or right on your coffee table or more permanently on your shop bench!  This is a very portable, versatile, lightweight and sturdy unit: a great addition to your placer mining gear.     

Overall dimensions: 37"x6.75"

Inner dimensions: 34.5"x4.5"

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