Topographic Maps (1:50,000)


Available for pre-order

We have a vast inventory of Canadian 1:50,000 printed maps.  As the most detailed country-wide map series, the 1:50,000 paper topographic series are ideal for any purpose that requires good detail of any given area. These topographical paper maps include contour lines, water bodies, most main roads, trails, population centres, treed areas, etc and cover an area of about 1000 square kilometres.  Topo maps are great for recreational activities such as hiking, camping, biking or fishing, and they also make a great gift! Topographic maps have latitude and longitude and UTM coordinates and are great to use in conjunction with a compass and/or GPS unit.  The most recently available edition will be provided.  Printed Canadian topographical maps can be laminated for an additional charge of $17.00 

TO ORDER please add how many total maps you need in your cart and, upon checkout, tell us in the section available there what you mapsheet names are and/or generally where they are located.  You can also email us directly to tell us what maps you are ordering.  We will send them to you rolled so you can hang them up, frame them or fold as you like.

NOTE: Index map yet to be integrated here asap.  If youre not sure what mapsheet you need, please contact us and we'll help you find the right one.  We have many mapsheets in stock while others, including laminated maps, are available only by pre-order.   If your map is not in stock, it will be shipped to you typically within 2-7 business days. 

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