Black Scorpion 2-Tier Concentrator Kit

Motherlode Prospecting

Available for pre-order

Another awesome product from "Motherlode Prospecting Supplies Ltd.", and this one will really blow you away with it's simplicity, efficiency, and low price compared to those other concentrating systems out there.

Each tray has a textured skid plate followed by 5" length of Deep V Matting and 5 deep "Drop Riffles", which means "Less Time-Consuming Re-Runs" and less than a handful of highly concentrated material to finish off.

What about the Tailings? This concentrator has been designed to save you huge time and guess work about the tailings with this simple formula "no gold in bottom tray = throw out the tailings and move on to the next batch". In fact, we have recovered gold as fine as -200 to -300 mesh and eliminated the guess work on whether to "re-run" the tailings or not.

The "Black Scorpion Mini-Concentrator Kit" runs 2 tiers simultaneously that gives you about 41" of length overall and renders a 5 gallon bucket of concentrates to a mere handful of highly concentrated material in a very short period of time.

Once your done, it cleans up in seconds. Simply disconnect the trays, and dip them into a 5 gal bucket of water. (We recommend rinsing each tray in different buckets and that you check the bottom tray first.)

This is because due to riffle loading, skip or hydroplaning, gold can reach that area.

If you do find gold in the 2nd tier, chances are it's pretty small, so if you decide to re-run the tailings, you only have to screen down to the largest particle in Tier 2, and throw the rest out ( about 75 - 90% ).

This feature will lessen your recovery time drastically by concentrating your material extensively thus getting rid of a lot of waste material in a very short time.


Here's what the package consists of.....

  • Upper Sluice Tray
  • Lower Sluice Tray
  • Recirculating Tub
  • 500 GPH Pump (12V)
  • Battery Clamps
  • Custom Stand with Pump Mount & Hardware ( same as use with the Black Scorpion Table Set.
  • 3ft 3/4" Flex Hose
  • Hose Adapter with Flow Control Valve
  • Barbed Hose Adapter
  • Plastic Tub
  • 20L Bucket (5 gal approx) customized for recirculation system with 1.5" discharge & 1ft 1.5" flex hose to control water flow out of the bucket and back into the tub.

This unit sets up in mere minutes, is lightweight, and can be used almost anywhere, even in your living room or out in the field and cleans up in seconds.

It will easily run 4 mesh and smaller paydirt from your sluice, or classify down right from the bank or river, and use it at your camp site next to a warm fire.

Recommended Accessories....

  • Gold Drop Water Surfactant (helps retain fine gold)
  • 20L (5 gal) buckets for clean up
  • 110/12v Plug in adapter with Battery Clips
  • Solar Array

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