Black Scorpion II Premium Kit

Motherlode Prospecting

Available for pre-order

The Black Scorpion is a Fine Gold Recovery table fashioned after the old “Miller Style Tables”, but with a twist...

Professionally molded from sturdy ABS, this system is designed, by the use of polarity and  three graded textures, to separate even the smallest of gold specs from your screened concentrates, with a very simple process encompassing a slow water flow and brushing technique.

The Black Scorpion works best based on mesh size, and when you properly adjust your water flow to the mesh size of the concentrate, it’s recovery is amazing, with very little to no gold reaching the gold trap at the end.

This kit has near everything you need to help with the recovery of gold and other precious metals etc from your concentrates:

  • 3-stage texture table for superior gold trapping (table size is 30" x11.5")
  • Removable water diffuser 
  • adjustable, sturdy 12+" steel rear legs to fine-tune your table's level and pitch.
  • Swivel hose connector
  • Hose adapter with flow control to regulate water flow
  • 3 feet 3/4" poly hose
  • Plastic end covers for the leg tops
  • 2" soft brush and smaller brush for separating out the fine gold & guiding it to the upper gold traps
  • Stand with tailings box
  • Large 26" x 20" x 6" 'Tough Tub'
  • 500 GPH Johnson 12V cartridge pump
  • 12V battery clips
  • one snuffer bottle
  • one vial for your gold!
  • and if you choose the NEW 'complete kit' you will also receive six mini classifying screens to help with your cleanup: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mesh.

We have the Black Scorpion set up in our office for you to try out!! CONTACT US to arrange an appointment, bring down your screened concentrates and give it a try!

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