GPK Deluxe Microwave Gold Kiln

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$299.97 $499.95

Melt placer gold and jewelry in your microwave!!!?  Yes, its TRUE!  We have used this successfully here at Tenorex too!  All you need is the contents of this deluxe kiln kit, a 1200 watt microwave with about 10" of inside vertical clearance, some safety apparel and you are on your way to making your own gold bars or ingots at home!

Much research and experimentation has gone into the design of this kiln, to ensure the best results for separating fine gold from black sand and ore concentrates.  You can also use the kiln for melting down old jewelry in your microwave! 

Advantages of this kit include:

  • Variable kiln heights possible, for crucibles of different heights
  • Replaceable parts and proprietary (and safe) flux are available
  • Simple process
  • Less tedious
  • More fun!

Want to see it in action?  Watch the video HERE

This deluxe kit includes the following: 

  • A versatile kiln consisting of layers of rigidized HD ceramic fiberboard capable of withstanding temperatures of over 2300 degrees Fahrenheit without warping or cracking
  • One kiln shelf
  • Custom mixed refining flux (non-lead)
  • (1) Graphite 2 depression assay mold (conical mold)
  • One pair of 18” scissor tongs
  • (2) 40 gr “1-shot” clay crucibles
  • (1) Fused silica melting crucible
  • (1) Stainless steel stirring rod
  • Detailed instruction booklet with smelting tips.


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