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BC Free Miners and other land users: Do you need to do a land owner notification in order to access your claim through someones property or for a permit, or do you have claim or other rights overlying a district lot which may already have first rights to certain minerals, timber or otherwise?  You'll need to conduct a Land Title Search and we can help! It might just be one of the better initial investments in your claim you'll ever make!  

We can provide you with the land title search result and provide a brief summary for you.  We are also available to discuss the search results in detail and outline what the results may mean to your mineral or placer rights.  If the lot has an active surface title, the contact information of the land owner(s) will be provided in your search result.   If there are active mineral rights (or even timber or placer in some cases) related to the district lot, these details and the contact information of the owner(s) also provided.

TO ORDER: Select how many title searches you require and add to your cart.  In the box provided when you checkout, tell us the DISTRICT LOT NUMBER (and lot name if possible but not required) as well as the area or district it is located.  For example.  DL10048, Cottonwood MC in the Cariboo near Prince George.  We could also accept the TITLE NUMBER or the PID.   We can also accept the physical address of a lot with a residence on it, and we'll search for the PID for you at no extra charge. If you have a large list of titles, you can email it to us at info@tenorex.ca  if you prefer.  


* While we are experienced with these searches, in some cases the advise of a lawyer may be recommended. Occasionally, district lots may require an historical title search by a Land Title Officer in Victoria.  When needed, we can arrange this on your behalf or we can provide you with the appropriate contact information.       

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