Prospector/Miner Scene: goldquartz


$54.95 $59.95

We have a selection of quartz clusters with pyrite and a selection of miners and prospectors on each.  Some of them are looking for seams of or have actually found GOLD! 

Each piece is unique and designed to complement the natural contours and beauty of the specimen. These make great gifts and conversation pieces, and will make a great addition to your displayed collection of rocks and minerals.  Photo is an example and your order is not exactly as shown.  The occasional scene that contains gold is sourced from Tenorex's owner's personal placer claims of BC's Cariboo Mining District.

Small scenes will contain one miner on a piece approximately 2-4" in size.  Medium scenes will have more miners on specimens up to 4" in size

This particular quartz cluster mining scene is about 4" long with 2 persistent prospectors digging through the sulphide rich quartz in search for seams and exposures of gold!! This scene contains gold from our boss's personal placer claim and each piece hand selected & added by her!  No two scenes are alike! 

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