MotherSucker Prospector Conversion Kit


SKU: 7003

MotherSucker Hand Dredge Made In Canada - MADE IN CANADA!!

Manufactured by MotherLode Prospecting Supplies

Since 2012, the MotherSucker has been sold worldwide and the only one of it's kind commercially built in Canada!

Now you can convert your MotherSucker "Sniper" hand dredge to more of a production unit by simply adding on our new Continuous Feed "Prospector" attachment.  Simply remove the suction tip from the receiver of your "Sniper" unit (sold separately) and insert the "Prospector" attachment, and secure it with the included thumb screws. Then, attach the 6 foot hose and 1 1/4" suction tip to a bucket system (not included), and you are ready to start moving pay dirt - and a lot of it!    

The conversion kit includes the following:

  • Rod Extension for Seal
  • Thumb Screws
  • 2" 'O' ring
  • 6' of lightweight flex hose
  • 1.5" hose bib [ for bucket sleeve ]
  • Lock Nuts
  • Simple instructions for making the bucket sleeve

    NOTE: when you order, please provide the serial number of your existing MotherSucker or measure the length of your barrel without the cap so that we can provide you with the appropriate conversion kit.

    Please check with your local regulations before using this product.



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